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“I love these products. The quality is fantastic and they smell great. I highly recommend using them. My personal favorite is the light reflector frizz eraser. I haven’t seen anything like it. A wonderful gloss.”

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go to link Mario Diab tends to the tresses of the famous in New York and Washington. He has worked with First Lady Laura Bush, actresses and celebrities Salma Hayek, Angie Harman, Mary Matlin, Vanessa Williams, Marcia Gay Harde, Sophie Dahl, Anne Curry, Olivia Chantecaille, Nancy Sturino, Amy Sacco, Vera Wang and Bobbie Brown. He also worked with designers Thiery Mugler, Margarite Zigg, Oscar Carvaleo & Frabretti. He styled for Alexander McQueen and two Miss World pageants. To learn more about him,visit http://www.mariodiab.com