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I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Light Reflector Frizz Eraser I won on! I live in a dry climate, and my hair looks so much healthier and shinier since I started using your product! Thank you — so much!
Kimberly, Utah

Get Glow is one of those perfect products you fall in love with, like an iPod. The shampoo feels light, yet rich, and makes my hair feel like it did when I was a kid! Soft, fluffy and great smelling.
source Ralph S., NYC

Saw your ad in a magazine and thought I would try it. I love it so much. Smells good. My hair seems to stay fresher and hold its shape the next day so I, who am normally an everyday shampooer, can wash my hair every other day and still look good. I am buying an extra bottle of moisturizing shampoo and light gentle silky conditioner. Thank you!!!
Katharina E. Novi, Michigan

I’ve been using your products for about 3 months now. I’ve never written a thank you note for a product before but these products are truly AMAZING. My hair hasn’t looked this healthy since high school. My friends keep complimenting my hair and want my hairdresser’s number. I’ve been going to the same guy for years. The only difference is that I began using your products. Somehow, it managed to solve all my hair’s problems. I forgot how much better you could look when you have healthy looking hair. Even my boyfriend notices a difference and he loves smelling my hair. I don’t use any of my old products anymore. I’m hooked on Get Glow! Thanks.
where is kendras second sex tape Sharon W., NYC

Last night I went to a wedding and my hair looked great. This morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror I saw that my hair kept its shape. It looked really good, felt soft and not plastered or gluey although I sprayed liberal amounts of both the thickener and hairspray. This is an unusual set of properties; to keep the shape after a full night’s sleep yet still look soft and natural. You have got something here. I think you put together winning products.
go here David L., NYC

Get Glow smells great from the ‘get go’ – straight from the bottle. The scent carries wafts of beautiful, intermingling fragrances, which lasts for hours and hours. And not only does my hair smell great – it looks spectacular – strong, healthy, bouncy and shiny. The best shampoo I’ve ever used.
Light, Gentle, Silky Conditioner – I love this truly unique product which is applied after hair is towel-dried and before blow drying. Just a small dab of the conditioner leaves my hair shiny, silky and non-fly-away. Gorgeous!
Thickening Spray for Body Volume Control – “Miracle” isn’t too strong a word for this terrific hair care product. It manages to do what all other thickening products claim to do but somehow fail at – thickening your hair without making it sticky or hard to manage. My hair not only looks shiny, healthy & great, but it feels great to the touch! Kudos, Get Glow!  Robyn C., Manhattan

I used the daily shampoo and the light gentle silky condtioner. They are VERY GOOD. They are light and give my hair fuller body and nicer curls. I like the natural ingredients and the explanations on the back and on the website. (The website is fabulous!) I will tell my friends about it.  Chili M., Washington

My husband tends to have oily hair and the clarifying shampoo makes his hair look great. His hair has more volume than ever before. He makes sure we always keep a few bottles at home so he will never run out. I’ve had frizzy hair since high school and the the frizz eraser did wonders with calming my hair down and making it look smooth and shiny. It never feels greasy. It really works. Thanks! follow url Debbie S., NYC

I rely on the moisturizing shampoo, the intense hair repair nourishing treatment and the frizz eraser. My hair can feel dry at times and the ends can be a little frizzy. Thanks to Get Glow, no one I meet will ever know this about me. My hair looks much healthier and shinier. Thanks! Dana W., NYC

I have short hair that is very fine. I love your daily shampoo and count on the thickening spray for making my hair seem fuller and adding volume where I need it. I finish my styling with your Ready, Set Hold Hairspray. It’s lovely. Keeps my hair in position without making my hair feel hard or sticky. Thanks for making my hair look better than ever. Bella W., Bklyn


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